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All these apps are available in English, Hindi and Gujarati

Planners to Parent

Apps to provide solution starting from planning to parenting stage

Android and iOS

All our apps are compatible with all latest android devices and iPhone

Round the Clock Support

Support available on WhatsApp , Email, Call, Social Media

Garbh Sanskar Guru App Features

Indian ancient science with modern scientific proof. It is a positive, joyful and virtuous lifestyle of a pregnant woman.

Daily 12 activities

Activities for IQ, EQ, PQ and SQ development of unborn child

Personalized Positive Pregnancy Course

- As per pregnancy day
- As per qualities you are expecting in your baby

Garbhsanskar Workshop

12+ hours recording of Majestic Garbh Sanskar workshop

Daily Motivations

Personalized notifications and tips to motivate you to practice activities

Prepared by 70+ Domain Experts

Prepared by Doctors, Ayurveda Expert, dietitians, Yoga Gurus and Professors

Tracking of Child’s Development

Reporting and tracing of child’s development as per activities performed by you

Pregnancy Guru Features

Continually network virtual strategic theme areas vis-a-vis ubiquitous potentialities. Holisticly negotiate focused e-tailers without premium solutions.

Garbhsanskar Book

All the information about Garbhsanskar is available at free of cost

One stop solution

One stop solution for all pregnancy related need

Friendly online support

Modular and interchangable componente between layouts and even demos.


App available in multiple languages i.e. in Gujarati, Hindi and English

Pregnancy Material

Information about planners as per Garbhsanskar and basic material.

Forever FREE

Content of this app will remain free forever.

Parenting Guru

Parenting Guru app is a unique app. It is not only focusing on tips and health care issues of kids. But it also understands the requirement of parent in modern era. Provides rich information and material to nurture values and ethics in the child.

Moral world

Daily reading material to inculcate virtuous, moral and ethical values by stories, biographic, poems, articles, life learning lessons
Total Number: 4000+

Today’s activity for child

Stimulate brain development of your little one with total 4000+ activities across Physical, Cognitive, Communication, and Social & Emotional areas. No screen time. Age appropriate and personalized daily activities.

Yummy for Tummy

Balanced diet, and recipes to make sure your child is getting enough nutrients

Mindful Music

Lullabies, Meditation, rhymes, shloka, Instrumentals for brain development etc.

Diet for Soul

Tracks for spiritual development of child and parents

Fitness Zone

Baby massage, Exercises and Kids yoga for Physical development of the child

Weekly Challenge

Incredible weekly challenge to improve family bonding, habits and manners, Photographic memory (1800+ flash cards) and to develop 6th sense of parents and child